Poor Megan has had a hard time getting her senior portraits. We were to take them in July and were off to a good start…until I jammed my flash stand into the ground and into a yellow jacket’s nest. At least we think they were yellow jackets. I have yet to have an official allergic reaction to bee stings but have to go to the ER for the past several years due to reactions. Evidentally, it is not technically an “allergic” reaction unless you have difficulty breathing. Thankfully, I have never had difficulty breathing…but also use my Epi-Pen and go to the ER.


Well, back to Megan. We were just about to head back towards my house for her to have an outfit change when I hit the bees. Her mom, Christy, ran up and grabbed the flash and stand while Megan and I headed for the car. We agreed to finish her shoot at a later date…which ended up being in November. I am now blogging her photos at the end of December.


I think you’ll agree that both sets of images turned out great. She is a beautiful young lady.


Congratulations on making it to your senior year, Megan!


I wish you the best now and in whatever you decide to do in the future!









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