Carson Family Fun

Carson Family Fun

If you’re like me, you enjoy getting out in the cool fall air with your family and friends to enjoy the Lord’s beautiful creation. We like to get out and drive backroads and love to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall.

#rodneysmithfamilies,#rodneysmithphotography,Linville,McRae Meadows,North Carolina,Rodney Smith Photography,westernnc,

#rodneysmithfamilies,#rodneysmithphotography,Linville,McRae Meadows,North Carolina,Rodney Smith Photography,westernnc,

These photos were taken at McRae Meadows, close to the entrance of Grandfather Mountain. I had the pleasure of working at Grandfather Mountain for about 9 seasons starting the summer after I graduated high school. I worked there through undergraduate and graduate school while attending Appalachian State University.

#rodneysmithfamilies,#rodneysmithphotography,Linville,McRae Meadows,North Carolina,Rodney Smith Photography,westernnc,

This is the Carson family from Boone. These kids were full of personality and fun to photograph.

#rodneysmithfamilies,#rodneysmithphotography,Linville,McRae Meadows,North Carolina,Rodney Smith Photography,westernnc,

It’s just two days before New Year’s 2019 as I post this but fall will be here again before we know it. Enjoy the rest of winter as we look forward to the warmth of spring and summer.

#rodneysmithfamilies,#rodneysmithphotography,Linville,McRae Meadows,North Carolina,Rodney Smith Photography,westernnc,

#rodneysmithfamilies,#rodneysmithphotography,Linville,McRae Meadows,North Carolina,Rodney Smith Photography,westernnc,

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Sweet Abel

Sweet Abel

Family Fun in the Mountains

Sweet Abel

This past summer, I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet and fun family. I’ve held off posting to the blog since they were giving portraits as Christmas gifts. This is sweet Abel, his dad Alex and his grandparents. He is a very sweet little boy.2018-02-26_0002.jpg



He cried for just a few seconds. I like this photo of his two tears just before they ran down his cheek. Then he was happy as a lark again!2018-02-26_0008.jpg



One of the funniest parts of the shoot was when Alex tossed Abel in the air. Abel’s pants were a little big on him and started sliding off. They eventually slid completely off but Granda was ready for a wardrobe change!2018-02-26_0007.jpg



You can see the shared enjoyment in these photos of Abel running to his Daddy. 2018-02-26_0010.jpg

And a definite family resemblance.


Abel enjoyed the red Radio Flyer wagon.



I’m glad the family now has these photos to remind them of Abel at this age. He’s sure to be bigger next summer!


You can see the joy his grandparents get from their grandson. 2018-02-26_0017.jpg

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Crossnore Elementary Fall Fling VIDEO, 2017

Crossnore Elementary Fall Fling VIDEO, 2017

Children’s portraits are always fun to take. I had a good time capturing these images at the Crossnore Elementary School 2017 Fall Fling and creating this VIDEO for you to enjoy.

It was a warm evening and got fairly hot in the library where the photo backdrop was set up. We had both doors to the inner courtyard open and a large (loud) fan blowing to help cool it down. The kids were well-behaved and all seemed to have a fun time. We even had a few parents jump in to have their pictures made too!

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CES Fall Fling 2017 Fun Portraits

CES Fall Fling 2017 Fun Portraits

Here are some of the children’s portraits made at this year’s fall fling. This tradition was started about 6 years ago as part of “Heritage Day”. Ms. Ruth Shirley was principal at the time and started the Heritage Day tradition. She asked me to take portraits of the pre-k and kindergarten students that first year. The pre-k students are now the 5th grade students at Crossnore Elementary!


Over time, the portraits morphed into “old timey” picture fun during the annual Fall Fling. For the last couple of years, there has been a small charge to help raise money for the PTO and to cover the cost of prints.

Click HERE to watch the VIDEO.


The Fall Fling had a country/western theme this year that continued the tradition of printing the photos in a warm sepia tone wth typically bright highlights, dark shadows and burnt borders.


My thanks to the parents who gave permission to use the photos on social media.


Remember that Rodney Smith Photography is now officially open for business, specializing in wedding and portrait photography.


Crossnore Elementary’s principal, Matthew Bentley and his wife Amanda.


Brett Loftis, center, CEO of Crossnore School & Children’s Home, sister campuses in Crossnore, NC and Winston-Salem, NC. The campuses provide Christian based services to children in foster care. Mayor of Crossore, Tudor Vance and his beautiful wife, Reeca. Reeca was my boss for several years as I worked at Grandfather Mountain during undergraduate and graduate school at Applachian State University. Overall, three of the finest people you will meet.