Awesome Dawson

Awesome Dawson


We had an unexpected surprise when shooting Awesome Dawson’s senior portraits on the parkway. We stopped at the Table Rock overlook close to Mitchell County. Our plan was to cross the road and walk up the steep hill on the other side to be able to shoot the mountains in the background. I planned on hopping the fence to have it in the foreground. The hill was steep so we had to walk down the road a bit before starting to climb the hill on a gentler slope. When we got to our spot, two horses had walked over to the fence. We initially thought it was just an empty field.

One horse particularly liked posing for portraits and stood beside Dawson for a while leading to some great and unexpected shots.








Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

I ran across pictures from our trip “out west” while looking through photo catalogs on various hard drives. My intent was to post a blog with senior pictures but opted instead to share a quick memory from Fort Worth, Texas. I’ll post more “out west” memories in the future. If you haven’t been to the western part of the country and get a chance to go…do it. Some beautiful places out there…but then you get to come back home to our beautiful Appalachian mountains. We live in a beautiful place of the world!

Welcome to the Rodney Smith Photography Blog

Hello and Welcome!  

I hope each of you is having a fun summer. Thankfully, it is cooler here than the southwest (125 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday in Death Valley, CA!) 

For those of you who don’t know me, I live close to Crossnore, North Carolina in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina. I received my Bachelors of Science and Master of Arts degrees from Appalachian State University (Go Mountaineers!)   My current focus is photographing wedding events and high school senior portraits. I also work as a speech-language pathologist in the Avery County School system and have 17+ years experience working with children 3 to 18 years old (a bonus when capturing images of young kids with or without disabilities.)

While I am just opening a photography business, I have been shooting portraits for over 20 years.  Check the blog often as I will be uploading pictures here in the next few weeks to show examples of my photography.

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Thanks and have a blessed day!

Rodney Smith